We Support Bill Ban On Public Preaching-Christain Body

We Support Bill Ban On Public Preaching-Christain Body


The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, a Christians religious body has
backed the Bill by Kaduna state government to ban preaching in the
state, saying that,disobeying the government is disobeying the

Its International President, Bishop David Irefin said this
Wednesday while addressing media men in Kaduna in preparation ahead of
peace march in the state.

According to him, ” the Holy Bible teaches that we should obey our
leaders and the word of God is the Bible so as Christians we should
obey the law and anybody who is disobeying the government is
disobeying God.”

” There is need for the Churches leaders to sit down and discussed on
the matter and the possibility to go back to the government and
negotiate on the issue.” Bishop David suggested.

Commenting on the Peace March, the Bishop said,” this is the. First
time we are organizing the event in Kaduna which is the 10th
anniversary edition.
He added, the occasion Is aimed to usher peace in Kaduna in particular
and Nigeria as a whole.”

The Bishop then lamented over the sins being committed by some people,
saying that, ” people take instruction from Satan not from God.”
He further pointed out that, some people engulfed in worshiping spirit
which leads to hunger, frustration,etc.

The Bishop then urged those committing sins to repent so as to
enjoy peaceful life.