Gov. Yero Urged to Stop The Attacks on Southern Kaduan People

Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD)  U.S.A. & CANADA



Feb 21, 2014


       Gov Yero, Stop these Rains of Attacks on the Southern Kaduna People

We, the people of Southern Kaduna in diaspora in the United States (SOKAD-USA) condemn the violence and brutality that is visited on the Southern Kaduna  people by the Hausa/Fulanis. The inaction by the government on the unending bloodbath of our people is unacceptable. We call on the Governor to take immediate action to provide security and protection to our people. Certainly, inaction by the Governor will suggest his support for the attackers.

Between April 2011 and December 2013 there were over 33 recorded attacks on the Southern Kaduna non-Hausa/Fulani people resulting in hundreds of deaths. This is not to mention the loss of properties, displacements and the rendering of our people refugees on their homeland.

In 2014 alone, Fulani herdsmen carried over 20 attacks on villages in Kaura, Kachia, Jaba, Zango-Katab, Sanga, etc.  Families have been wiped out. Attacks have occurred when families were sleeping or in the farm.

These are highlights of the attacks, On Aug 20, 2011 two armed Fulani men attacked Fadiya Bakut in Fadiya District of Bajju Chiefdom of Z/kataf LGA resulting in the death of 3 persons.  The following month, Armed Fulani men attacked U/ Rana of Bitaro District of Ham Chiefdom of Jaba LGA and killed 4 people. April 11, 2011 armed Fulani men attacked Kurmin Bi and Zonkwa in Bajju chiefdom of Z/kataf killing 5 people. On Dec 12, 2012 eleven armed Fulani men attacked Angwan Rami of Fada District of Oegworok Chiefdom of Kaura LGA. Five people died from this attack.  By Jun 15, 2012 armed Fulani invaded and ransacked Nayi and Deyi villages in Chikun LGA of Kaduna State resulting in 12 lives lost. On April 23,2013 armed Fulani men attacked Aduwan Gida of Bajju Chiefdom of Z/Kataf LGA and 11 deaths were recorded. Again, on March 30, 2013 Fulani massive onslaught attack on a scale using sophisticated weapons including AK 47 on 8 Takad villages. Thirty-two  deaths were counted. Then on Sep 28, 2013 armed Fulani men attacked Zangang leading to 15 deaths. And finally, as at the last counts, on Jan 31,2014 the  Fulanis attacked Tekum Village in Moroa Chiefdom of Kaura LGA killing mostly women numbering 16. These are just few of the attacks recorded.

Dear Governor Yero, it is sad to note that in all of these attacks, not one person has been prosecuted. Enough is enough. We call on you, the Governor of Kaduna state, to use your power and the authority of your office to effect adequate security and protect the southern Kaduna people from this seemingly unending attacks. In this regard we make the following recommendations:

  1. Those responsible for these attacks and killings must be apprehended, prosecuted and punished as prescribed by the law of the land.
  1. These barbaric activities by the Hausa Fulani settlers and Fulani herdsmen in Southern Kaduna must be publicly condemned by your honorable office and affiliates.
  1. The Hausa Fulani settlers and the Fulani herdsmen have always initiated the attacks. They appear to receive state protection when our people take steps to defend themselves. The people of Southern Kaduna must have their right to defend themselves.  This right must be guaranteed, promoted  and protected.
  1. The police and soldiers (and other security operatives), whom you may send must be seen to be impartial.

We send our condolences to the families of the victims of these rains of attacks on the Southern Kaduna people.


Aminu Likita, MD, MPH, President, SOKAD-USA

Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, Secretary- General, SOKAD-USA

Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed, Financial Secretary, SOKAD-UDA

SOKAD Congratulates Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Kaduna State on Election Victory.

SOKAD Congratulates Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Kaduna State on Election Victory.

Written by Southern Kaduna Diaspora (SOKAD)


(Columbus, Ohio, USA, April 18, 2015). The Southern Kaduna in Diaspora (SOKAD) is happy and excited with the outcome of the Gubernatorial and State legislative elections in Kaduna State. The relatively peaceful conduct and outcome of the elections is commendable. We, however, regret the few incidences of violence that led to the loss of lives in Saminaka.

By all accounts, the conduct of the election was largely free and fair. SOKAD congratulates the Governor-Elect, Mallam El-Rufai and his party (APC), and all those elected to the Kaduna State House of Assembly, for the victories in the election on April 11, 2015.

We also wish to congratulate the Kaduna State electorate who spoke clearly and loudly through the ballot box.  Our prayers and advice for a peaceful and successful election were answered.

To Mallam El-Rufai, Kaduna State people have entrusted you with the governance of their State. Your campaign promises contributed to your victory. We hope they will be kept. We pray that God will give you the wisdom and courage needed to be the transformational leader that the State has waited for.  As the Governor of Kaduna State, we ask that you work hard towards protecting and safeguarding the rights of minorities who have been largely disregarded or ignored in much of the modern history of that part of Nigeria. We are confident in your “can do” attitude, and trust that you will make Kaduna State secure, and great, again.

We thank Governor Yero for his service, and, in particular, for his magnanimity in defeat.  For putting love of the State and country over self by conceding defeat in a peaceful manner, he followed in the footsteps of President Goodluck that defeat- sometimes- is, in effect, victory of self. We hope this will be a precedence for all our Nigerian politicians.

As we approach the inaugurations and beginning of the new administration, we pray and hope that God will guide the Governor-elect and his party in all policies and decisions as they affect the people. We urge that the security situation, among other concerns, be addressed as a matter of urgency.

May the next four years be good and productive years for our State!


Aminu Likita, MD, MPH (President)

Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD (Secretary General)

Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed (Financial Secretary

April 18, 2015


PRESS RELEASE: The 2015 Presidential Election: A Mandate and a Legacy.

The 2015 Presidential Election: A Mandate and a Legacy.

Written by Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD)


(Columbus, Ohio, USA, April 2015). It is with great pleasure and joy that we are writing to commend the Federal Government of Nigeria and our Nigerian people,  for the success of the recently concluded Presidential election, and elections to the National Assembly.  We have closely followed event before, during and after the voting with keen interest.  By all accounts, the conduct of the election was largely free and fair.

We wish to congratulate the President-Elect, Major General Muhammadu  Buhari (Rtd),  for his victory.  Majority of Nigerians have entrusted him with their votes with the hope that he will fulfil his promises to them made during the campaigns.  We pray that God will give him the wisdom and courage needed to be the transformational leader that the country has been waiting for.  As the President of all Nigerians, we hope that he would work hard to protect and safeguard the rights of minorities who have been largely disregarded or ignored in much of the modern history of our beloved country.

We thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his service, and in particular for his magnanimity in defeat.  For putting love of country over self, he has elevated the standard of democracy in Nigeria and aligned himself with the few champions of democracy in Africa, such as the late Nelson Mandela who eschewed bitterness and placed the love of country above everything, even as he guided South Africa from the precipice of explosive racial crisis to a stable democracy.

Above all, the Nigerian people should be proud of the strides that they have collectively made towards attaining political maturity.  Using the ballot box to express dissatisfaction with a government widely seen as inept, especially on matters of National security, is what a well-informed, sophisticated, and mature electorate does.  This should serve as a reminder to the incoming administration that in four years, Nigerians will return to the ballot box, again, to pass a verdict on their stewardship.

As we approach the Gubernatorial elections, and elections to  the  state Houses of Assembly, SOKAD pray and hope that the outcome would also be a success, as it was in the Presidential and national elections.  Political parties and their candidates must educate and instruct their supporters to conduct themselves properly and to avoid any activities or actions that would undermine public peace and order.

May God Bless Nigeria and all her peoples.



Aminu Likita, MD, MPH, President Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, Secretary General Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed, Financial Secretary


SOKAD Urges Southern Kaduna Voters to Go and Vote on February 14 & 28. 


SOKAD Urges Southern Kaduna Voters to Go and Vote on February 14 & 28.

Written by Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora ( SOKAD)

COLUMBUS, OHIO (February 7, 2015). The Southern Kaduna People in the Diaspora are very keenly following the political campaigns leading to the upcoming 2015 elections. We are praying and hoping that the election will go smoothly.  More importantly, we call on all the people of Southern Kaduna who are eligible voters to come out and vote on the Election Day. It is civic duty of every eligible voter from Southern Kaduna to vote.  Your voices must be heard loud and clear.  No individual, organization, or institution should take you for granted. You have power in your vote. Use it. Don’t waste it.  Here are some points to bear in mind as you go to vote:

Review each candidate’s credentials very well. The candidate’s education, skills, experiences and maturity on how each had performed before; most importantly, his campaign promises for Southern Kaduna.

Can the candidate be trusted? Is the candidate a person of integrity? Can he be trusted to keep his campaign promises? What if the Person losses? How will he handle the situation? Will he let hell loose or will he concede defeat, peacefully.

Consider the utterances and the behaviors of the candidates in the past. Are they in line with his claims now? Or will history betray his conduct and utterances now?

Consider the two parties and their candidates.

PDP: This is the ruling party. Gov. Yero should be judged on his performance in last few years. What efforts has he made in the distribution of services and infrastructure including appointments, to reduce the imbalance between Southern Kaduna and the rest of the state? Does he merit being given some more time to finish the work he has begun? Or has he failed and therefore is expected to fail again.  Can he pull his weight to deliver on the promises he makes.

APC. What will El-Rufai bring to the table for Southern Kaduna? Does he have the cloud to bring the changes we are seeking? The provision of Federal educational institutions, Federal Hospital, Agricultural facilities and social infrastructures are some of the issues to look out for. What has El-Rufai done in the past that shows he is a candidate who can deliver? Yes, El-Rufai may be new to govern Kaduna state (if elected). Can he pull his weight to deliver on the promises he makes.

On security, who will do better? Our people are being killed and survivors are systematically displaced. Our lands are seized by force. Has the incumbent, Gov. Yero done enough? Will he do better if given another chance? Or should he be replaced by someone who will start afresh and tackle the issue headlong?

Who will do better in tackling the problem of bribery and corruption, the threat of Fulani mercenary attackers and the atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram? Gov. Yero or El-Rufai. By the time you read up to this point (this current line) you should have decided who to vote for.

We call on all Nigerians in general, and Southern Kaduna people in particular, to respect the voice of the people in this election period. We ask that governments (local, state, federal) ensure that the election is peaceful. Adequate security must be provided at all polling stations. The election must not be rigged. We urge all citizens to shun violence and embrace peace and reconciliation.  We also ask that whoever wins should be congratulated. Whoever losses should concede defeat peacefully and gracefully.

We call on all eligible voters in Southern Kaduna to go out and vote and not be afraid. Exercising this civic duty will yield great dividend. Therefore, cast your vote on Election Days, February 14, and 28. Remember that you will reap the fruit of your action whether you vote or you don’t. Whatever your choices are on February 14, & 28, we, your sons and daughters in Diaspora, will accept them.

May the best candidates win! And may the Almighty God make the elections free, fair, and peaceful!


Aminu Likita, MD, MPH, President Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, Secretary General Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed, Financial Secretary

February 7, 2015



Southern Kaduna Diaspora Making the Case for Indicting Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero of Kaduna State, Nigeria, for Crimes Against Humanity.

By Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD), U.S.A. & Canada

Atlanta- Georgia ( March 3, 2014) :  On February 6, 2014,  the Southern Kaduna Indigenes Progressive Forum ( SKIPFo) declared its intention to take the Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Yero, to the International Criminal Court ( ICC) for crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the peoples of Southern Kaduna.  On behalf of Southern Kaduna in Diaspora (SOKAD), we wish to officially declare our support for what the group intends to do. It is about time the ethnic cleansing agenda in Southern Kaduna was brought to global awareness and justice. While the devilish atrocities of Boko Haram in the North East of Nigeria has attracted international focus, the gradual cleansing of the peoples in the middle belt of Nigeria, and of Southern Kaduna in particular, is barely given a passing mention, and yet, it is older than Boko Haram, and is  as vicious as Boko Haram’s murders. Both the Federal and state governments have done little to solve the problem. If a group can’t get justice at home, in a globalized world, it is proper to seek justice internationally.

For a long time, the peace loving people of southern Kaduna State have pleaded, in vain, with  the Kaduna State government, through several of its administrations, to stop the wanton killings and maiming of  the  peoples of southern Kaduna by the nomadic Fulani pastoralists. After careful examination of the logistics, the strategy and execution of the killings, SOKAD has come to the conclusion that it is quite clear that it is a coordinated plan to cleanse the indigenous peoples of southern Kaduna from their ancestral lands to pave the way for both the nomads and their sponsors to occupy. We have lived with the nomadic pastoralists for decades until now, when there is a systematic and coordinated push by northern Fulani Muslims to extend their domination southward. The people of that part of the state did not state the war, they are victims of it, and are simply defending themselves.

The current state administration is both complacent and party to the  genocide and ethnic cleansing and Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora is in full agreement with those, especially SKIPFo, who seek to take Governor Yero to the International Crime Court.

It will not be the first time that a state governor has been taken to the ICC. Governor Jang of Plateau State was taken to the court in 2009 by the Hausa-Muslims settlers of Plateau for genocide, ethnic cleansing and killings. He was forced to defend himself and his government. He was exonerated because it turned out to be a case of barawo da sauri maraba.  We would like for Governor Yero to have his own turn to defend himself and why the Kaduna State government is allowing the pogrom and ethnic cleansing of ethnic minorities of his state to persist for so long.

In its press release, SKIPFo catalogued the atrocities by the ethnic cleansers on the peoples of Southern Kaduna, even though it was a  partial list, the atrocities  are too many and gruesome to recount here. There is no person of conscience reading about the atrocities, will not agree that Kaduna State government is complacent. There is no legitimate government- democratically elected or not- administrating  a state where a section of  its citizens is systematical, gradually, but surely being slaughtered like animals for years, and   has not even as much arrested the perpetrators, has not compensated the victims, and offers  no protection, can claim not to be complacent.

SOKAD and others have always argued that the Hausa Fulani nomads are always the initiators of any crisis in Kaduna State, and that other ethnic groups either defend or retaliate, but the state government has always denied this claim.  We know that the southern Kaduna peoples are peace loving agrarian people, who are welcoming to all Nigerians; and we have always cited the incidents in other Middle belt states, and the Boko Haram siege in the north-east, to support our claim.

We take this opportunity to sympathize with, and pray for, the people of Benue state who were raided by 700 Fulani nomads on February 17, 2014; more so, with the Tor Tiv and his family, for the defilement of his Palace. Our prayers and sympathy also go to the people of Bauchi and Adamawa States for all the pains and sufferings they have had in the hands of Boko Haram, especially the recent devilish acts on school children.  We wish to assure the victims of such hellish acts that the acts are the work of the devil, and that your God is a true and powerful God, who does not need the hands of mortal beings to kill for Him: He is capable and loving.

It is on this note that on behalf of southern Kaduna diaspora, join this brave group- SKIPF0- in taking Governor Yero to ICC, and call on other organizations in the state and beyond to join with them to make a case for the indictment of the Governor of Kaduna.  SOKAD wants to go further and include in the indictment, the Kaduna State commissioner of police, and all the legislators (National and State).  Our Representatives have failed us. Though our southern Kaduna legislators can be indicted through the ballot box, it is proper to have them as co- defendants in this case.

We thank SKIPFo for taking this initiative and bold step and pledge our cooperation and support. The lives, identity, and destiny of the Southern Kaduna peoples are at stake.


Dr. LikitaAminu (President, SOKAD-USA)

Dr. Freeman Kamuru (Secretary General, SOKAD-USA)

Mr. Ibrahim Maikori (Treasurer/Financial Secretary, SOKAD-USA)


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