Kaduna State indigenes abroad call for the immediate release of detained Kaduna State University Lecturer

(January 31, 2016; Columbus, Ohio, USA) The people of southern Kaduna in the diaspora ( SOKAD) have received news of the unlawful and illegal detention of Dr. John Danfulani on the orders of the Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Mallam Umar Shehu. We are shocked and dismayed by this action by the state. Dr. Danfulani has been in detention for several days, now, without being charged with a crime, and has been denied bail.

It has been reported, and is widely believed, that his recent critique and lamentation about the poor quality of life for ordinary citizens in Northern Nigeria is the main reason for his detention. While some people might have taken personal offence to what he wrote, he did not say anything that is remotely close to inciting any person or group to take or embark on any criminal action or activity. His right to free speech must be respected. We strongly condemn his detention and demand that he should be unconditionally released without further delay.
We also denounced his suspension as Lecturer from Kaduna State University; he should be allowed to return to his job without any intimidation or molestation.

Together with our elites, leaders, and politicians, the citizens of Kaduna State must work, collectively, to nurture our young democracy to maturity. Violating the rights of citizens, who freely express their views, has no place in our efforts to make Kaduna State great again.
Aminu Likita, MD,MPH (President)
Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD (Secretary General)
Ibrahim A. Maikori, MA (Financial Secretary)