‘Kaduna killings amount to religious cleansing’



 Monday, November 28, 2016

‘Kaduna killings amount to religious cleansing’
By Eniola Daniel



President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Supo Ayokunle, has described recent killings in Southern Kaduna as purge by actors known to security operatives.
Ayokunle, who was the guest minister at the 50th-anniversary celebration of Ajayi Dahunsi Memorial Baptist Church, Ilasa, Lagos, said: “I saw people from Gidan Waya and Godogodo communities who have been displaced by the Fulani. Their villages have been taken over and the Fulani now live there. We see that as religion cleansing because the people of Godogodo and Gidan Waya are predominantly Christians. The Fulani, who are predominantly Muslims, are armed with guns, yet nobody is arresting them. This is most disturbing. I wonder why the government refers to people it knows as unknown gunmen.”
He added: “The people that came to visit me on the issue at the National Christian Centre said they know the perpetrators and that they live among them. And when they left for Kaduna, they met seven of their community members in a pool of blood.

“We have a government. It should take action, rather than addressing the issue on television, claiming everything is in order when we know it isn’t. The law enforcement agencies should not look the other way in Kaduna; they should care about the souls wasted daily, because none of them in government or uniform wants to be killed in the same manner. Government is to defend the people, protect them and give them opportunity.”
Urging Christians and other Nigerians to show love to one another, he said: “We need to go back to God’s kind of love. In love, there is no wickedness. There is no hatred. Love binds things together. We should not continue to emphasise things that divide us but things that unite us because we have no other land we call ours. We are to live together. This is not possible except by love.”

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