John Danfulani’s facebook post for which he is being charged

Below is what he wrote for which they are charging him with incitement of violence

This is the article they are holding on against him:
To them, APC is a religious party.Northern leaders
under the party are demigods and crusaders of
their ways of life.These people living in dusty
villages of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Kano, Jigawa
are quick in calling you “Arne or Kafiri” once you
express your view on anything their God PMB and
his brigade of small Angels are doing.
With their harmattan ravaged faces, rough legs,
and brown teeth, they behave like a hard of
sheep. All they bragged at is numbers…numbers
that is economically useless and a gigantic social
menace to Nigeria. A useless number that over
12m kids are rooming the streets with rubber
plates begging for food. A useless number
spreading polio in the entire continent.
Who amongst them is strong enough to seal my
lips on fuel scarcity and hardship we are
experiencing? If PMB is your God and support for
him an act worship, go ahead but don’t think you
can force that on me.
I want to travel abroad, I can’t buy dollars in
official quarter, and can’t use my ATM abroad. Is
it their fathers money? Am I a thief? Our people
don’t steal…no single Southern Kaduna man has
any EFCC case. It’s their people that stole this
country dry. Look at the names of the thrives and
where they came from. Stealing is deeply
embedded in their culture.”

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