John Danfulani,Ph.D


“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”. … “Joseph Goebbel

On 6th April 2016 Mr. El-rufa’i spewed  a statistic of Christians and Muslims in Kaduna State, while answering questions from a team of Channels Television interviewers. The Harvard Graduate of Kennedy School of Government at Boston Massachusetts said; Muslims constitutes 70% while Christians 30% of the entire State population. He further stated that such demographics holds in reverse fashion in neighbouring Plateau State. Like I stated in my 6th March 2016 update titled:”THERE EL-RUFA’I GOES,AGAIN”, the only body charged with head count in Nigeria is National Population Commission(NPC). And bio-data they demanded in their last exercise excluded religion from array of questions people were asked. If this reality is incontestable, where did he get his 70/30 percentage from?  When has  peoples’ wish and imaginations becomes facts? Sir, don’t forget Moynahan’s dictum ” you are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to your facts”. Unsubstantiated claims like this, can only come from an intellectual double zeros seven (007).

In the same interview Mr. El-rufa’i confirmed that the genocide that took place in Southern Kaduna between 2013 to 2015 were reprisal attacks from a transnational terrorist gang of Fulanis resulting from post 2011 elections skirmishes. His statement of  6th April 2016, sealed any doubt of his famous warning to all and sundry on his Twitter handle of 5th July 2012. The “PRO” of the reprising gang piqued ” We will write this for all to read. Anyone, soldier or not that kills the fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes”. Let me ask, is reprisal permissible in any section of 1999 constitution as amended?  Where on earth did Southern Kaduna killed the Fulanis in 2011?  Was 2011 post elections crisis not an entire northern Nigeria incidence that was ethno-religiously blind?  Which ethnic group or religion had no casualties in post electoral violence of 2011? If all go on reprisal, is the country not going to be another Hobbsian State of Nature? 

Can Mr. El-rufa’i’s Special Assistant and Adviser or other image launderers disturbing our ear drums defending bunkum balderdash answer these multiple barrel questions that emanated from his claims? We challenge him/them to go on air( as usual) and defend these silliest and hate statements of their principal.They defended: school feeding scheme; three weeks notices to those with structures in schools lands; wasteful musical jamboree; inclusion of doubtful and unholy characters in his government; making Kaduna a “nativeless” state, religious censorship bill, hate speech  etc .If they know they aren’t bumbaclots, let them busy the airwaves or pages of papers sinking pillars these lies in the state’s political plots.I challenge these hand-to-mouth propagandists to demonstrate  their dexterity in turning white to black and black to white like masters of the game.Let them deploy Joseph Goebbel’s  spirit of propaganda and wash away these irresponsible, infactual, hateful, and kitchen sink claims.Tell us that a square is indeed a circle. V.I.Lenin the leader of Bolsheviks believes that a lie often told becomes the truth.Let them put comrade Lenin’s theory to practice, right now.  Come on dudes, it’s easy! Do it.

Some people must begin to ski down their mountain of moral destitution.It’s truism that this opportunistic cream desire some moral rediscovery. On their personal moral renaissance, I recommend, Dr. Luther King’s epistle titled ” A Knock At Midnight” as a therapy  for rejuvenation or resuscitation of their lost moral values. A paragon of waste product of humanity,right? (Apologies to Bishop Kukah). I guess so.

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