Governor El-Rufa’i, When Will You Come To Southern Kaduna? Governor El-Rufa’i, When Will You Come To Southern Kaduna?

Governor El-Rufa’i, When Will You Come To Southern Kaduna?
Governor El-Rufa’i, When Will You Come To Southern Kaduna?

Published: Wednesday, 02 March 2016 22:32
Written by John Danfulani
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Dear Governor,

1. One of the administrative novelties introduced by your government is convocation of Town Hall Meetings (THM). These THMs are intended to bestow you and mandate givers opportunity to interface on sundry issues.

2. So far, you have organized two different THMs in zones one and two. It was in one of those sessions that you gave those who don’t agree with your definition of truth the marching order to go climb Kufena Mountain and fall. And also seized the opportunity in a meeting you attending by flying a helicopter in Lere LGA to tell the world that your government has created over 125,000 direct jobs.

3. I beseech Mr. Governor to convoke similar THMs in Southern Kaduna because we also need to hear directly from His Excellency on issues like: State Security Council Resolution on Hate Speech; Executive Bill before Kaduna State House of Assembly censoring religious preaching; APC’s disregard for existing power sharing formulae in the state that started in 1999; and school feeding programme of primary school pupils. These and dozens other (un)easy questions are ready for Mr. Governor

4. I have heard multifarious uncoordinated explanations by some of your appointees and elected members from Southern Kaduna but their mumbo-jumbo and razzmatazz were malnourished of facts surrounding intent and intend of those policies. Consequent to that, I believe hearing from the horse’s mouth will sink unsatisfactory feelings associated to those policies that one, and I guess many, from Southern Kaduna are struggling to discern.

5. Mr. Governor knows that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore, Southern Kaduna also desire and deserve for THMs with you in attendance (not to be represented by any surrogate). There is no logic and fairness in staging two THMs in zones one and two without same happening in Southern Kaduna. This is making me and others from this part of the state feel like we aren’t equal heirs to the barn of accountable and sensitive leadership you are trying to portray through staging of these town hall meetings.

5. Hope to hear when you will be coming to Southern Kaduna and talk to us.

6. You have assurances of my constant reminder(s) of this and other issues, please.

Dr. John Danfulani,, Jondanfulani@gmail.con