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‘Bring back our 112 Chibok girls – now and alive!’ Demands for closure and disclosure 7 years on

The same morning, 15 April seven years ago, he woke to hear his daughter had been abducted from her school dormitory at night. He’s not seen her since, has no idea if she is alive or dead. But amidst his anguish he pleads “Our people are being killed on weekly basis”.

This came on the 7th anniversary of the kidnap of 276 girls, even as global news headlined an attack on a humanitarian hub in the same state from which the schoolgirls disappeared into the Sambisa Forest on the night of April 14th 2014. 112 of them remain un-accounted for. Read more…

Southern Kaduna Killings: Southern Kaduna in Diaspora hit hard on Elrufai Bigotry over Southern Kaduna

Your Excellency,

Southern Kaduna Diaspora ( SOKAD) continues to be troubled by your handling of the genocide in Southern Kaduna.  We have expressed our concerns about this on several occasions, specific to the intimidation of your critics, with the hope that the state will modify its approach, but to no avail.  While the Kaduna State government has made pronouncements on its desire to secure a lasting peace in Southern Kaduna, its actions, so far, have directly contradicted its pronouncements.

One important step in the process of securing peace in any community is to dialogue with legitimate representatives of the people of the community. However, when the state arrogates to itself the sole power to decide who it will dialogue with, and ignores the people’s choice, it shows that the state call for peace is not genuine.

A case in point is your attitude toward Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU). SOKAPU is the legitimate representative of the ethnic groups in Southern Kaduna. For the Governor of Kaduna State to refuse to dialogue with this respected group and to refer to its officers as bigots, is unfortunate and unacceptable.  Your statement on National Television that you will not meet with SOKAPU to discuss strategies for achieving peace in Southern Kaduna raises serious questions about your commitment to peace in the area. SOKAPU is a nationally and internationally respected group, led by learned professionals in different fields of human endeavors, who are well equipped to offer useful advice to the Governor and others in leadership who are truly concerned about the ethnic and religious cleansing going on in Southern Kaduna.

The recent Operation Harbin Kunama in Southern Kaduna, was initially seen as a positive step toward achieving lasting peace in the area; it was hoped that perpetrators of the genocide-the armed Fulani herdsmen, would be disarmed. Many people in southern Kaduna were leery and skeptical of the effort, just as they were of the establishment of a permanent military presence in the area.  Those fears are now confirmed as the Operation Harbin Kunama entered its second phase a couple of weeks ago.  As it turned out, it is innocent and helpless people of Southern Kaduna who are having their hunting tools and rifles confiscated and soldiers are reported to be going house to house disarming them.  The state has failed these citizens by not protecting them and now it is taking away any chance of resistance against the terrorist that are wiping them out.  The state is therefore aiding and abating the ongoing genocide.  This is wrong and therefore unacceptable.  From available reports, no terrorist has been disarmed or arrested. The Fulani herdsmen are still armed and keeping their weapons. While some elected Southern Kaduna politicians, such as Senator Danjuma Leah have had their legally obtained guns confiscated, the Emirate in Kafanchan which is widely believed to be a repository of illegally obtained weapons, has not been searched.

SOKAD is also troubled that Kaduna State is deliberately undermining the education of Southern Kaduna. Under the pretext of security, you and your Commissioner for Education, have closed the only two tertiary Institutions in Southern Kaduna and have no plan to reopen them.

The State and Federal governments’ actions have clearly demonstrated a half-hearted and biased commitment to finding peace in Southern Kaduna.  In several instances, their actions have and continue to undermine the ability of the people to defend themselves.  Such actions amount to war crimes that are prosecutable.  Their offices are term limited and the actions or inaction of those in power, who have sworn to protect and defend the constitution of the Republic and to comply with international agreements on basic universal human rights will be called to order and tried in due time.

SOKAD will continue to contribute its quota to ending the genocide in Southern Kaduna. We are committed to being a watchdog for accountable leadership from those elected to serve the people. In his recent letter to you, Rev Fr. Paul D.Jatau reminded you of your pledge “…. that you will do your best to restore Kaduna to a State that works for the people regardless of tribe, ethnic or religious affiliation.  You said that when this is achieved, we will shout for joy, saying Liberty!, Freedom! Tyranny is dead”Governor, the people of southern Kaduna have had little cause to shout for joy under your regime as the liberty and freedom that you promised as a candidate continues to elude us.  Instead, unspeakable tyranny has been visited on us under your watch more than at any time in living memory.

Meanwhile, for real first step to bringing security to our part of the State, SOKAD suggests the following:

  1. The State should establish dialogue with SOKAPU as the umbrella organization that represents the people of Southern Kaduna.
  2. The search and seizure of the hunting weapons of Southern Kaduna farmers must stop. The focus of Operation Whatever should be on the real perpetrators of the genocide.
  3. All Perpetrators of atrocities in Southern Kaduna must be arrested and brought to justice
  4. All Southern Kaduna indigenes wrongly arrested should be released without preconditions.
  5. The Kaduna State University Kafanchan Campus, and College of Education, GidanWaya, that have remained on indefinite closure, should be reopened.

Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, President, SOKAD


Danlami Ngboze, MA, PhD, Secretary General, SOKAD


Saidu John, B.Eng , Financial Secretary, SOKAD

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Southern Kaduna facing worst situation since Independence – SOKAD-USA


The people of Southern Kaduna in the diaspora (SOKAD), United States branch has said that their people back home are facing worst time since Nigeria got its independence in 1960.

Among issues raised by the group are the continued detention of Dr John Danfulani and the continuous killing of its kinsmen by suspected Fulani hearsmen.

The group said instead of the government to channel it energy in addressing the killing, tax payers’ money was being used to prosecute Dr John Danfulani for speaking against its policies, despite the fact that a lower court had thrown out such charges.

In a statement titled, “Southern Kaduna, John Danfulani and the Current Political Dispensation,” the group said it met on October 30, 2016, on the plight of its brethren and communities back home.

“This is the worst possible condition that our people have experienced since the modern Nigerian State was formed.

“The repeated massacre of innocent people, including children, women by Fulani herdsmen and their mercenaries and the political persecution of Dr. John Danfulani by the Kaduna state government are among the recent developments that are very troubling and disturbing to us,” the group said.

The statement jointly signed by Aminu Likita, MD, MPH President, Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD Secretary General, Ibrahim A. Maikori M.Ed Financial Secretary said, “The community of Godogodo in Sanga local government area has been turned into a genocide field where natives and indigenes of the area have been under relentless brutal and barbaric attacks for no other reasons other than being who they are.

“Several weeks ago, Governor El-Rufai visited the area and promised the affected communities and all of southern Kaduna that he would work hard to end these atrocities. The State Security Council met in Kafanchan that week as a demonstration of the commitment of the State to bring lasting peace to the area.

“Sadly, since then, the frequency, severity and intensity of the attacks have all increased with no response from the state government.

“On October 10, 2015, over 40 innocent people were murdered in and around Godogodo and many others were injured.

“To date, no one has been arrested or charged with these heinous crimes. We believe that an ill-informed plan to expand grazing reserves in this part of the state has fueled the barbarism of these terrorists, who have often claimed that the locals were residing in land earmarked for grazing reserves.

“The unwillingness of the state to protect the lives and properties of citizens of southern Kaduna in their homeland suggest that we are actually witnessing the intended consequences of the expansion of grazing reserves in the area.

“The treatment of Dr. John Danfulani by the state, including his unwarranted and illegal detention by agents of the state, underscores what the current regime thinks about our people.

“This gentleman and scholar has had his basic and fundamental civil and human rights violated and denied with impunity.

“This is a flagrant demonstration and abuse of power. The man lamented the plight of Northern Nigeria and expressed strong views about the contributing factors that explain our condition in the larger North for which he was arrested and detained in January this year; in August, the government lost the case.

“However, on October 27, he was rearrested for the same offence, and in a show of arrogance of power, the Judge refused him bail because she had to attend a seminar.

“The right to speak freely is enshrined in our constitution and has been enjoyed by many, including those who took offense to what he wrote.

“There was nothing in his writings remotely close to inciting people to disrupt public peace and order, as was alleged by the state. There has been no loss of life and no injuries suffered by anyone that can be attributed to the write up.

“Yet, he has been repeatedly harassed, arrested and detained while the Fulani herdsmen and their mercenaries who have killed many innocent and law abiding citizens in Southern Kaduna are walking around freely.

“The democratic credential of the leadership of Kaduna has been severely tarnished by the vindictiveness being projected and expressed towards the southern Kaduna people and some of its elites.

“The elections are over and it is past time to strive to be the governor of the entire state without reprisal based on the voting results. The leaders of the liberal state, as our beloved state is known, should live to those ideals of liberalism that work toward achieving justice and liberty for all. At the moment, the people of southern Kaduna are not feeling the goodwill of the state government.

“This week, former President Goodluck Jonathan, a giant in African political transitions and inclusive governance, proudly observed that, throughout his time as president, not a single Nigerian was incarcerated for his or her political views.

“That is worthy of emulation and should instruct the current state and National leaderships, which benefitted immensely from that political philosophy when they were in the opposition. We call for the state to use all available resources to protect our communities from terrorist attacks and to free Dr Danfulani without further delay. Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Kaduna community protests incessant attacks, killings

August 26, 2016


The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, in collaboration with Coalition of Professionals in Southern Kaduna, on Friday staged a peaceful protest in Gwantu, Sanga Local Government Area, over “incessant attacks by herdsmen”.

Many communities in the area had come under attacks that claimed scores of lives.

The attackers also destroyed crops and livestock in Ninte, Angwan-Ayu, Gad-Biyu and Angwan- Mada villages in Jema’a and Sanga Local Government Areas.

The protesters, who were led by SOKAPU President, Mr Solomon Musa, and the Chairman, Coalition of Professionals, Mr Mark Jacob, condemned the “systematic and continuous killings of innocent people” in the areas.

Musa said that the people took to the streets to appeal to people of good will and conscience to reach out to the authorities to tackle the security situation in the area.

He said, “We want to tell the whole world that there has been enough bloodshed here; we want everyone to know that harmless and armless people in Sanga and other parts of Southern Kaduna are being killed.”

Musa called for a joint military operation to stem the tide of the killings as was done to other crises-ridden areas.

He claimed that more than 50,000 people had either been killed or displaced from 24 villages since the first invasion that took place in 2011.

He said, “In 2014 alone, there were 30,000 refugees that fled from Sanga alone.

“Those natives have yet to return home as herdsmen have converted their farm lands into grazing grounds,” he said.

The President said that the people of the area had the right to live in peace and pursue their livelihood in a free society as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution and the United Nation Convention charter.

He said that the protest was not motivated by any political, religious or ethnic affiliations, pointing out that the people were only united in their grief and their desire to be protected.

Musa commended Gov. Nasir El-Rufai over his recent visit to the ravaged villages, and urged the government to back its words with actions by deploying adequate security to the area.

Jacob, in his remarks, regretted that people were killed “barely two days after the visit of the Governor”.

He said, “One Pastor Luka Ubangari of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ungwan Anjo in Godogodo was killed not long after the governor left.

“Two days ago, the attackers went to Ningon and killed Mr Gambo Sule and Benjamin Auta.

“A major concern for us is that in spite of these massive attacks, no one has been arrested and charged to court.”

The protesters also solicited assistance for the Internally Displaced Persons from members of the public, Churches, Mosques, corporate and public organisations, NGOs, international agencies and governments.

The protesters carried placards some of which read: “Enough is Enough,” “Stop the Genocide,” “Free our children,” amongst others.

SOKAD donates learning materials to primary school in Kaduna, 2016

Kaduna, July 2, 2016 (NAN) The U.S. Chapter of Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD) on Saturday donated books and instructional materials worth N330,000 to Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) Primary School, Tunga Nok.

Tunga Nok is in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Presenting the items to the beneficiary in Kaduna, the President of SOKAD, Dr Likita Aminu, said the gesture was part of the organisation’s contribution to the state’s educational development.

Aminu said: “On May 6, 2013 our organisation, SOKAD, donated school supplies worth N158, 000 to Zack-Zawan Primary School, Sanga Local Government Area.

“On that day, SOKAD said the gesture was the beginning of series of such donations to come.

“And in 2014, we made similar donations to LGEA Primary School Kurdan, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area and UNICEF Model Primary Schools, KurminKwara, Dadu, Jaba Local Government Area’’.

He explained that in 2015, two other schools, namely LGEA Primary Schools Dura and Kamuru-Ikulu I in Jaba and Zangon Kataf Local Government Areas respectively, received donations from the association.

“As at today, our total donations have amounted to N1.8 million.

“We will continue to play our part by contributing to the socio-economic development of our society.

“We are committed to the education of our people and hope to play an active role in that regard because education remains the main driver of development of any society,’’ he said.

Aminu listed some of the items donated as books, pens, school bags, rulers, pencils and other instructional materials.
SOKAD former President, Prof. Tunga Lergo, represented Aminu at the occasion.

Receiving the items on behalf of the school, a former Chairman of Jaba Local Government Area, Mr Alex Guruza, thanked SOKAD for the gesture.

Guruza called on other organisations to emulate SOKAD and join the crusade of liberating rural dwellers from illiteracy through the provision of educational infrastructure and materials.

Earlier, the state’s Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Andrew Nok, thanked SOKAD for the laudable gesture.

Nok particularly applauded the association’s support in developing the young ones educationally, adding that the gesture would go a long way in building a healthy and viable nation.

He said the Malam Nasiru El-Rufai-led administration had made education and health priorities to ensure that the younger generation was developed mentally and educationally.

He appealed to other organisations, both within and outside the country, to emulate SOKAD and support the current administration’s quest to reposition the education sector in the state.

Meanwhile, Mrs Joy Dogo, the Executive Director of a Kaduna-based NGO, Care and Action Research, which hosted the event, appealed for partnership with the state government.

Dogo explained that the NGO wanted to partner with the Kaduna State Government with focus on improving the literacy level of out-of-school youths as well as aged men and women.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that SOKAD is an organisation of indigenes from the southern part of Kaduna State in the Diaspora with branches in the U.S. and Canada. (NAN)

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