“A series of deadly clashes between predominately Christian farmers and Muslim nomadic herdsmen in southern Kaduna, Nigeria is reviving concerns about a longstanding conflict over land resources that has left thousands dead. The farmers say the herdsmen are trespassing on their land and destroying their crops by grazing their cattle. But some people believe the conflict is fueled by ethnic and religious tensions because southern Kaduna is home to a large Christian population and the herdsmen are ethnic Fulani Muslims”.

Governor El-Rufai is no longer an objective player in the crisis in Southern Kaduna- in fact, he is completely fixated in the past and does not  believe his government is contributing to the cleansing and  even does not  believe it is taking place. Our role in the diaspora, is to help internationalize/globalize the Southern Kaduna Genocide; SOKAD appreciates the efforts of Al jazeera in this regard, and encoruages brilliant minds like that of Ms. Ndi Kato, the Human Rights activist of Kafanchan: Read More

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