SOKAD Urges Southern Kaduna Voters to Go and Vote on February 14 & 28. 


SOKAD Urges Southern Kaduna Voters to Go and Vote on February 14 & 28.

Written by Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora ( SOKAD)

COLUMBUS, OHIO (February 7, 2015). The Southern Kaduna People in the Diaspora are very keenly following the political campaigns leading to the upcoming 2015 elections. We are praying and hoping that the election will go smoothly.  More importantly, we call on all the people of Southern Kaduna who are eligible voters to come out and vote on the Election Day. It is civic duty of every eligible voter from Southern Kaduna to vote.  Your voices must be heard loud and clear.  No individual, organization, or institution should take you for granted. You have power in your vote. Use it. Don’t waste it.  Here are some points to bear in mind as you go to vote:

Review each candidate’s credentials very well. The candidate’s education, skills, experiences and maturity on how each had performed before; most importantly, his campaign promises for Southern Kaduna.

Can the candidate be trusted? Is the candidate a person of integrity? Can he be trusted to keep his campaign promises? What if the Person losses? How will he handle the situation? Will he let hell loose or will he concede defeat, peacefully.

Consider the utterances and the behaviors of the candidates in the past. Are they in line with his claims now? Or will history betray his conduct and utterances now?

Consider the two parties and their candidates.

PDP: This is the ruling party. Gov. Yero should be judged on his performance in last few years. What efforts has he made in the distribution of services and infrastructure including appointments, to reduce the imbalance between Southern Kaduna and the rest of the state? Does he merit being given some more time to finish the work he has begun? Or has he failed and therefore is expected to fail again.  Can he pull his weight to deliver on the promises he makes.

APC. What will El-Rufai bring to the table for Southern Kaduna? Does he have the cloud to bring the changes we are seeking? The provision of Federal educational institutions, Federal Hospital, Agricultural facilities and social infrastructures are some of the issues to look out for. What has El-Rufai done in the past that shows he is a candidate who can deliver? Yes, El-Rufai may be new to govern Kaduna state (if elected). Can he pull his weight to deliver on the promises he makes.

On security, who will do better? Our people are being killed and survivors are systematically displaced. Our lands are seized by force. Has the incumbent, Gov. Yero done enough? Will he do better if given another chance? Or should he be replaced by someone who will start afresh and tackle the issue headlong?

Who will do better in tackling the problem of bribery and corruption, the threat of Fulani mercenary attackers and the atrocities perpetrated by Boko Haram? Gov. Yero or El-Rufai. By the time you read up to this point (this current line) you should have decided who to vote for.

We call on all Nigerians in general, and Southern Kaduna people in particular, to respect the voice of the people in this election period. We ask that governments (local, state, federal) ensure that the election is peaceful. Adequate security must be provided at all polling stations. The election must not be rigged. We urge all citizens to shun violence and embrace peace and reconciliation.  We also ask that whoever wins should be congratulated. Whoever losses should concede defeat peacefully and gracefully.

We call on all eligible voters in Southern Kaduna to go out and vote and not be afraid. Exercising this civic duty will yield great dividend. Therefore, cast your vote on Election Days, February 14, and 28. Remember that you will reap the fruit of your action whether you vote or you don’t. Whatever your choices are on February 14, & 28, we, your sons and daughters in Diaspora, will accept them.

May the best candidates win! And may the Almighty God make the elections free, fair, and peaceful!


Aminu Likita, MD, MPH, President Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, Secretary General Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed, Financial Secretary

February 7, 2015