PRESS RELEASE: The 2015 Presidential Election: A Mandate and a Legacy.

The 2015 Presidential Election: A Mandate and a Legacy.

Written by Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora (SOKAD)


(Columbus, Ohio, USA, April 2015). It is with great pleasure and joy that we are writing to commend the Federal Government of Nigeria and our Nigerian people,  for the success of the recently concluded Presidential election, and elections to the National Assembly.  We have closely followed event before, during and after the voting with keen interest.  By all accounts, the conduct of the election was largely free and fair.

We wish to congratulate the President-Elect, Major General Muhammadu  Buhari (Rtd),  for his victory.  Majority of Nigerians have entrusted him with their votes with the hope that he will fulfil his promises to them made during the campaigns.  We pray that God will give him the wisdom and courage needed to be the transformational leader that the country has been waiting for.  As the President of all Nigerians, we hope that he would work hard to protect and safeguard the rights of minorities who have been largely disregarded or ignored in much of the modern history of our beloved country.

We thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his service, and in particular for his magnanimity in defeat.  For putting love of country over self, he has elevated the standard of democracy in Nigeria and aligned himself with the few champions of democracy in Africa, such as the late Nelson Mandela who eschewed bitterness and placed the love of country above everything, even as he guided South Africa from the precipice of explosive racial crisis to a stable democracy.

Above all, the Nigerian people should be proud of the strides that they have collectively made towards attaining political maturity.  Using the ballot box to express dissatisfaction with a government widely seen as inept, especially on matters of National security, is what a well-informed, sophisticated, and mature electorate does.  This should serve as a reminder to the incoming administration that in four years, Nigerians will return to the ballot box, again, to pass a verdict on their stewardship.

As we approach the Gubernatorial elections, and elections to  the  state Houses of Assembly, SOKAD pray and hope that the outcome would also be a success, as it was in the Presidential and national elections.  Political parties and their candidates must educate and instruct their supporters to conduct themselves properly and to avoid any activities or actions that would undermine public peace and order.

May God Bless Nigeria and all her peoples.



Aminu Likita, MD, MPH, President Freeman Kamuru, PhD, MD, Secretary General Ibrahim A. Maikori, M.Ed, Financial Secretary